Industries and markets

Brazil’s labor market improving: 16% layoffs decrease and 24% increase in hires

“By the end of June, the total number of formal jobs in Brazil came to 37,611,260, with an average starting salary of around 1,696 Reais (327 U.S. dollars) a month.”

Oil Pipeline Rupture in Ecuador’s Amazon Region Causes Environmental Disaster

“Some 2.5 million liters of crude oil have contaminated several rivers. Government and responsible companies reject blame.”

AMLO introduces major pension reform; business leader calls it ‘historic’

“Contributions will rise sharply, but pensions will increase an average of 40%.”

Minister confirms Argentina will seek a new support program from IMF

“Argentina will seek a new program with the International Monetary Fund whatever the outcome of talks with holders of its US$ 65 billion of defaulted overseas bonds, Economy minister Martin Guzman said.”

Brazil: Progress of Government Tax Reform

After months and months of COVID-19-related news, there is finally some progress in Brazis tax reform endeavors. The Minister of the Economy, Paulo Guedes, delivered to the National Congress on Tuesday 21st the first text

Mexico: Withholding taxes on digital services

After recently introducing VAT on the provision of digital services by non-resident companies whose customers are located in Mexico, the Mexican tax authority SAT has now published the relevant guidelines with instructions on transferring withholding

Brazil: Publication of version 7.0.6 of the Digital Accounting Bookkeeping (ECD) program

Only three weeks after the latest ECD update, version 7.0.6 of the Digital Accounting Bookkeeping (ECD) program was published, with the following changes: Improvement of the program’s performance in validation Correction of the error message

China Offers to Lend US$1 Billion to Latin America to Buy Chinese Covid-19 Vaccines

“Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also announced that the vaccine developed in his country will be a universally accessible public good.”

Odebrecht paid US $10mn to fund Peña Nieto’s campaign, pay bribes: Lozoya

“The Brazilian company Odebrecht funded the 2012 political campaign of former president Enrique Peña Nieto to the tune of US $4 million and gave another $6 million to his government after he took office, according

Argentine economy slides 13,2% in five months, despite a slight moderation in May

“Argentina’s economic activity experienced an annual 20,6% fall in May moderating the collapse in April, following the quarantine measures implemented because of the pandemic. The data was released this week by Indec, the official stats