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Peru posts worst-ever drop in GDP as mine output falls sharply

“Peru´s economic activity sank 40.49% year-on-year in April, its worst-ever percentage drop in output, as a national lockdown to combat the coronavirus slammed the brakes on industry across the South American nation, the government said

Mexico limits stimulus spending despite millions falling into poverty

“While other nations have passed big stimulus packages or offered tax breaks to help companies stay afloat and preserve jobs, President López Obrador’s main response has been to offer loans to microbusiness owners such as

Brazil: RFB suspends automatic installment

Brazil`s Receita Federal (RFB) has suspended the automatic debits of installment payments due in May, June and July 2020 were suspended in compliance with Ordinance ME nº 201, of May 11, 2020. The Deadlines for

Mexico: Planned VAT reduction

On June 10, 2020, the Mexican Congress introduced a reform proposal temporarily reducing the VAT rate from 16% to 10% for the remaining of fiscal year 2020. Further reductions should apply for the North and

‘Birds on the wire’: surveillance concerns grow in Mexico City

“The fake antennas suggest the presence of international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) catchers, also known as “stingrays,” which mimic cellphone towers to force cellphones in the area to transmit “pings” back to the devices, enabling

Mexico president would sell gas to Venezuela if asked

“Venezuela has not made a request of us, but if it were a humanitarian necessity, we would do it,” López Obrador said during a visit to the Gulf coast state of Veracruz. “We are free,

WhatsApp Launches Payment Transfers in Brazil

“Users will input a six-digit PIN or utilize their fingerprint ID in order to authorize the transactions, which are enabled through Facebook Pay. With the debut in Brazil, WhatsApp will initially partner with Banco de

Chile extends state of catastrophe by 90 days as coronavirus surges

“The pace of new infections has increased dramatically in May and June, averaging over 5,000 daily in recent weeks. The onslaught has filled critical care wards and prompted authorities to declare a full lockdown in

Brazil registers world’s second-highest COVID-19 toll as stock market soars

“In the three worst-hit states, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Ceará, street trade and malls are already open, after a slow return to work in the factories in the last weeks.”

Virus deepens Argentina’s economic crisis as poverty soars

“The percentage of Argentines in poverty is expected to reach as high as 45% this year as the COVID-19 pandemic worsens an already grave economic crisis. The twin crises are presenting a grueling challenge to