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Argentina’s Macri faces setback as Fernandez sees primary win

“With more than half of the vote counted, opposition receives 47 percent against the incumbent’s 32 percent.”

Bolsonaro: Brazil doesn’t need Germany’s biodiversity funds

“Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday dismissed the importance of Germany’s funding of sustainability projects in the South American country’s forests, as the European nation weighed withdrawing from the region.”

Federal Revenue Finds R$1.2 Billion in Corporate Tax Evasion

“According to the Treasury, letters were sent to 12,171 companies throughout the country, advising on the amounts of declared and collected credits.”

Petrobras Sells Group of Seven Fields to 3R Petroleum for US$191 Million

“The Macau complex produces some 5,800 barrels per day of oil equivalent.”

Brazilian Government to Assess Open Access Electricity Market

“Regulatory measures should become effective as of 2024.”

Brazil’s July 12-month inflation 3.22%, and below the 4.5% target

“Brazil’s inflation rate in July was 0.19%, the lowest rate recorded for that month since 2014, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) said on Thursday.”

Everything You Need to Know About Argentina’s Election

“Argentina faces a major decision in this year’s presidential election: Stay on the current market-friendly path or reverse course.”

Brazilian App Drivers Can Now Obtain Individual Micro-Entrepreneur (MEI) Benefits

“With the authorization, published in the Federal Gazette on Thursday, drivers may collect taxes and be entitled to time for retirement, among other benefits.”

Brazilian Government to Double Amount of Rail Freight Transportation

“The Ministry seeks creative solutions that will not depend on federal budget appropriations, for example funds from cancelled concession agreements.”

Mexico: Deadline for Voluntary Disclosure Program

What is the program about? Mexico’s Programas de Auto Regularización (Voluntary Disclosure Program) targets taxpayers with undeclared income or undisclosed assets. The goal of the program is the fight against money laundering and the generation