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Brazil: New Reporting Rules for Cryptocurrencies

Since August 1st, 2019, transactions with cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) have to be reported to Brazil`s tax authority RFB. Specifically, the RFB wants to know who is using these currencies, how much they are paying

Franchise Sector Sees Over Six Percent Growth in First Half of 2019

“Revenues for the sector increased from R$79.496 billion to R$84.586 billion. According to the president of ABF, André Friedheim, franchise networks “are performing above the independent business average.”

Brazilians rally to support big corruption investigation

“The protesters also urged President Jair Bolsonaro to reject recently passed legislation that would impose prison time for officials who obtain evidence by unlawful means.”

Crowds fill Argentine streets to back conservative president

“Despite the outpouring, many political analysts believe that unless something extraordinary happens, Macri will find it difficult to reverse the advantage held by the Fernández slate.”

Ireland, France set to block EU-Mercosur trade deal over Amazon

“The deal has taken 20 years to negotiate, but Brazil’s lack of environmental protection has sparked worldwide anger.”

Over Three Hundred Services Have Gone Digital in Brazil in 2019

“The federal government officially introduced yesterday, August 22nd, the single federal portal, GOV.BR, which should host all national public agency websites by the end of next year.”

Argentina’s Alberto Fernández Hopes for Single Digit Inflation Within Four Years

“The presidential candidate insisted on deepening the relationship with Chile: “Argentina must maintain a bond of great proximity, brotherhood and commercial relationship with Chile. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting President Piñera, but I

Agreement Reached With EFTA Countries to Expand Market for Brazilian Products

“Bolsonaro said the deal is a positive result of his government’s diplomatic efforts to open up trade between Brazil and other countries.”

G7 Agrees to Help Brazil Fight Amazon Fires, Says French President Macron

“There are still no details on how the G7-countries would help the South American countries. According to the French newspaper Le Monde, the support could include financial aid.

Argentina implements digital certificate for commerce with Paraguay

Argentina`s tax authority AFIP implemented the Digital Certificate of Origin (COD) between Argentina and Paraguay, which aims to facilitate trade between the two countries. The system was already implemented with the countries of Brazil, Uruguay