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Brazil`s Government stops reducing Tobacco Tax to combat Smuggling  

Between 2011 and 2016, there was a progressive tax increase on cigarettes in Brazil. The measure was acknowledged by experts as one of the factors that led to the reduction of smokers. Between 2011 and

Mexico’s central bank cuts rates for first time in five years

“Mexico’s central bank on Thursday cut its key lending rate for the first time since June 2014, citing slowing inflation and increasing slack in the economy – and fueling expectations that further monetary policy easing

Bolsonaro insists Argentina is heading for “Venezuelan chaos” with the “leftist bandits”

“Argentina’s Merval stock index was down 34.47% since the start of the week.”

As election looms, Argentina’s Macri announces relief measures after years of spending cuts

“Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Wednesday unveiled a package of welfare subsidies and tax cuts for lower-income workers to lessen the pain of an economic crisis months before elections, but his announcement failed to halt

Brazil Hopes to Raise R$1 Trillion Selling Off Properties and Assets

“Brazil’s federal government has decided to sell off more than 750,000 properties and assets, to gain cash flow. The ambitious plan expects the sales will raise over R$1 trillion (US$ 250 billion), say government officials.”

Brazilian Lower House Passes Basic Economic Freedom Measure

“The government says that the proposal aims to reduce red tape and provide more legal security to economic activities.”

What will be the IMF’s reaction to the new Argentine political scenario?

“The currency — which plummeted 18.76 percent on Monday — closed a further 1.77 percent down on Tuesday after the Central Bank had intervened to stave off bigger falls following losses of more than 3

Brazil Expects Near-Record Agricultural Production of R$603.4 billion in 2019

“The figure, according to the government, is expected to be the second-highest achieved by the sector in thirty years.”

Higher taxes on junk food, cigarettes, alcohol urged to fund health costs

“Additional taxes forecast to generate more than 100 billion pesos.”

Colombia: What to expect from SARLAFT?

SARLAFT stands for Asset Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Management System and describes a tool used to mitigate or prevent money laundering or terrorist financing. It consists of a series of controls and early warnings