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Bolsonaro’s new measures to tackle budget deficit face a reluctant Congress

“With a landmark pension reform approved, Bolsonaro plans to accompany Economy Minister Paulo Guedes on a visit to Congress, hoping to defy the backlash against belt-tightening policies in Latin America and a crisis in his

Argentina Seeks Mexico’s Support to Promote Progressive Approach in Latin America

“The Argentine President-elect met on Monday with the Mexican President, whom he sees as an ally to unite the left-wing forces in the region in opposition to the Lima Group, whose chancellors will meet in

Treasury Sources US$3 Billion Abroad with Lowest Interest Rates in Seven Years

“Through the release of external debt securities, the government borrows money from international investors with a commitment to return the funds with interest. This was the second-lowest interest rate in history for this type of

Brazil: How to tax the Digital Economy

Last week, the OECD launched a public consultation to discuss the taxation of the digital economy, especially the necessary reallocation of revenues from the taxation of highly digitized businesses. The conclusion is that the requirement

Brazil: Supreme Court Ruling on PIS / Cofins creates Pressure for Tax Reform

Although it has been on the back burner in recent weeks, the PIS / Cofins reform currently underway in the federal government creates a significant pressure on the government to hurry up with its final

Argentina imposes more money exchange restrictions to defend reserves

“Argentina’s central bank is setting a price floor under the volatile peso in hopes to avoid a sharp plunge in the currency after an opposition-won presidential election last Sunday shifted the country firmly back to

Argentina: official transition with incoming administration takes off next week

“Argentina’s official transition in anticipation of 10 December when elected president Alberto Fernandez takes office, is scheduled to begin next Wednesday when Fernandez returns from his first overseas trip to Mexico.”

Privatized services plus health, education and pension’s costs, the right blend for Chile’s social explosion

“Health, education and pensions may be the biggest worries but on top of that are increases in electricity costs, a proliferation of motorway tolls around Santiago and an unregulated medication market.”

Brazil’s Year-to-Date Industrial Production Down 1.4 Percent from 2018

“In September, industrial production was up 0.3 percent over August, and third-quarter output was up 0.4 percent from the previous quarter.”

Brazil’s economy minister won’t bow to political pressure

“Former fund manager Paulo Guedes wants economic reforms to curb government debt in the world’s ninth-largest economy.”