Industries and markets

Brazilian Lower House Passes Basic Economic Freedom Measure

“The government says that the proposal aims to reduce red tape and provide more legal security to economic activities.”

What will be the IMF’s reaction to the new Argentine political scenario?

“The currency — which plummeted 18.76 percent on Monday — closed a further 1.77 percent down on Tuesday after the Central Bank had intervened to stave off bigger falls following losses of more than 3

Brazil Expects Near-Record Agricultural Production of R$603.4 billion in 2019

“The figure, according to the government, is expected to be the second-highest achieved by the sector in thirty years.”

Higher taxes on junk food, cigarettes, alcohol urged to fund health costs

“Additional taxes forecast to generate more than 100 billion pesos.”

Colombia: What to expect from SARLAFT?

SARLAFT stands for Asset Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Management System and describes a tool used to mitigate or prevent money laundering or terrorist financing. It consists of a series of controls and early warnings

Brazil May Have Entered Into “Technical” Recession in Second Quarter 2019

“The so-called “technical recession” occurs when there are two consecutive quarters of decline in the economic activity index. The GDP official result in the second quarter will be released by the IBGE on August 29th.”

Argentine vote leader questions deal with European Union

“Argentina’s newly established leading presidential contender is throwing doubt on a newly signed regional trade pact with Europe and also feuding with one of his country’s partners in the deal, the far-right president of neighboring

Mexican president says won’t cancel mining concessions, or grant new ones

“Mexico is the world’s top silver producer and one of the largest producers of copper and gold. The mining sector contributes about 4 percent of Mexico’s gross domestic product.”

Walmart Brazil Renamed “Grupo Big” and Plans to Expand its Stores

“The Grupo Big operates approximately 550 stores with 50,000 employees in 18 Brazilian states; the company claims to be the third-largest food retail conglomerate in Brazil.”

Peru suspends $1.4 billion mining project by Grupo Mexico

“Energy and Mines Minister Francisco Ismodes told N television Friday night that the Tia Maria project will be suspended until objections raised by protesting farmers are resolved.”