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Brazil: Bolsonaro allows Tax Debt Negotiations

On October 16th, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned the Provosional Measure “Legal Taxpayer MP” which aims to encourage the regularization and resolution of tax disputes between the Federal Tax Administration and taxpayers with debts to

Mexico: Tax Proposal for Social Security Changes

After an initiative to revise certain social security benefits in Mexico has been rejected by the Senate in 2018, the lower House has recently received a new legislative proposal on the matter.   Tax Reform

Brazilian plane maker to furlough 15.000 workers ahead of Boeing’s takeover

“Boeing has agreed to buy 80% of Embraer’s commercial plane division for US$4.75 billion, a deal approved by shareholders and the Brazilian government but which is undergoing an intensive regulatory investigation in Europe. Embraer has

Brazil eyes a US$1.45 billion payday as big oil flocks to pre-salt

“The auction will offer an area in the pre-salt zone that contains an estimated 15 billion barrels of crude. Notorious as the transfer-of-rights area, it had put state energy major Petrobras at odds with the

Fitch Ratings has LATAM sovereigns on the watch list

“One in four Fitch-rated corporates in Latin America is exposed to either a one-notch sovereign or country ceiling downgrade, while ratings for nearly one-third of issuers are vulnerable to a two-notch downgrade, according to the

Peru voters demand corruption-free government

“Peruvians are hoping elections in January will restore faith in their political system. Last week President Martin Vizcarra dissolved the congress, accusing the opposition-controlled legislature of blocking corruption investigations.”

Mexico: Economic Reform Package and Tax Measures for 2020

In September 2019, Mexican President AMLO presented to Congress a comprehensive economic legislation package for the year 2020. He emphasized that the tax burden should not increase, but that tax collection must be strengthened. Consequently,

Mexico: Taxing Digital Platforms

With its new tax law proposal from September 5th, 2019, Mexico is trying to get a hold of service providers abroad that offer digital platforms. In contrast to businesses that sell goods and services in

Argentina and Brazil sign auto industry increased integration agreement

“Brazil and Argentina renewed their auto trade agreement on Friday, allowing increased Brazilian exports to its neighbor through 2029 but postponing free trade in motor vehicles between the countries for the next decade.”

Mexico does not seek control of Zama, the country’s major oilfield discovery in decades

” The Zama oilfield is the largest discovery since the seventies and is adjacent to an area belonging to Pemex and where the find likely extends. “It’s a deposit that is shared with Pemex and