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Argentina and Brazil sign auto industry increased integration agreement

“Brazil and Argentina renewed their auto trade agreement on Friday, allowing increased Brazilian exports to its neighbor through 2029 but postponing free trade in motor vehicles between the countries for the next decade.”

Mexico does not seek control of Zama, the country’s major oilfield discovery in decades

” The Zama oilfield is the largest discovery since the seventies and is adjacent to an area belonging to Pemex and where the find likely extends. “It’s a deposit that is shared with Pemex and

Amazon planning a regional data center in Argentina

“The Seattle-based company is preparing to invest about US$ 800 million in the project over 10 years and will reap considerable tax benefits by locating the data center in the Bahia Blanca-Coronel Rosales districts of

Argentine presidential candidate proposes “a national unity government”: ‘option can’t be bad or worse’

“Argentine presidential candidate and ex Economy minister Roberto Lavagna said that the country needs “a national unity government” to overcome the current situation and it’s no option having to choose between “bad and worse”.”

Amazon countries sign pact to better protect the rainforest

“According to the “Leticia Amazon pact”, the Amazonian countries will “strengthen coordinated action”, “establish [a] regional cooperation mechanism”, “increase efforts associated with monitoring forest cover”, and “strengthen the capacities and participation of indigenous and tribal

EU Countries to Pressure Bolsonaro and Bind Mercosur Pact to Defending Amazonia

“Most European countries are using environmental issues as an instrument of trade pressure against Brazil.”

Upcoming Privatizations Attract Swiss Banking Giant UBS to Brazil

“UBS is in talks about cooperation with Brazil’s second-biggest lender Banco do Brasil. The Swiss bank would have a controlling stake to avoid operational hurdles that are common in state-controlled companies in Latin America’s biggest

Brazil: Update of e-Social implementing Schedule

In line with Brazil`s Ministry of Economy goal to simplify the eSocial tax, social security and labor obligations Digital Bookkeeping System, a new implementation schedule for e-Social has been introduced.   What has changed for

Brazilian Ministry of Justice Investigates Google for Using Adolescents’ Data

“The data collected involves the location of the users, the type of device used and the phone number with the intent “to authorize targeted advertising,” according to Brazil’s Consumer Protection Department.”

Brazil and Argentina Sign Mercosur Automotive Agreement

“The agreement, within the Mercosur framework, has a view to fully expand the sector by 2029.”