Industries and markets

S&P declares that Argentina’s extension of maturities implies a “selective default”

“Credit risk agency Standard & Poors announced on Thursday that it was slashing Argentina’s long-term credit rating another three notches into the deepest area of junk debt, saying the government’s plan to “unilaterally” extend maturities

Brazil: New Standards for the Rural Territorial Property Tax (ITR)

Brazil`s tax authority RFB has amended the rules for filing the Rural Territorial Property Tax (ITR) statement. The main change refers to the exemption from the obligation to present the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) in

Brazil: New STJ-Decision changes Tax Certificate Emission Practice

A decision of the 1st Panel of Brazil`s Superior Court of Justice (STJ), which occurred on August 27), establishes that it is only possible to issue certificates of fiscal regularity to headquarters and branches if

Brazil: The End of Bloco K – SPED?

The Provisional Measure of Economic Freedom aims to reduce bureaucracy in Brazil and facilitate the opening up of micro and small enterprises. Among the key changes are the relaxation of labor rules and the elimination

Petrobras privatization: still the crown jewel and needs congressional approval

“Brazil’s influential finance minister has convinced President Jair Bolsonaro to consider the once-unthinkable step of privatizing state-owned oil company Petrobras , but stiff political opposition could stifle any effort to sell the country’s corporate crown

Argentina announces it will “re profile” IMF loan and sovereign bonds’ maturities

“The priority today is to guarantee stability, because it is useless to launch reactivating measures if there is no stability. The first thing is to recover that stability,” Lacunza said at the news conference in

Brazil’s GDP Grew 0.4 Percent in the Second Quarter

“In current values, the GDP totaled R$ 1.78 trillion. Compared to the first quarter, growth in the industry was influenced by the expansion of the transformation (2.0 percent) and construction (1.9 percent) segments.”

Colombia’s Duque seeks arrest of rearmed ex-FARC leaders

“I have ordered the creation of a special unit for the persecution of these criminals with reinforced intelligence, investigation and mobility capabilities throughout Colombian territory,” Duque said.

Mexico: New regulatory Requirements for Labor Subcontracting

On August 20, 2019, new rules have been introduced in Mexico with view to information that have to be submitted to the fiscal authorities for labor subcontracting. The changes are outlined in the “First Resolution

Mexico central bank slashes growth forecast to lowest since 2009

“Worries over its state-owned oil company and global trade tensions will affect Latin America’s second-largest economy.”