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EU Countries to Pressure Bolsonaro and Bind Mercosur Pact to Defending Amazonia

“Most European countries are using environmental issues as an instrument of trade pressure against Brazil.”

Upcoming Privatizations Attract Swiss Banking Giant UBS to Brazil

“UBS is in talks about cooperation with Brazil’s second-biggest lender Banco do Brasil. The Swiss bank would have a controlling stake to avoid operational hurdles that are common in state-controlled companies in Latin America’s biggest

Brazil: Update of e-Social implementing Schedule

In line with Brazil`s Ministry of Economy goal to simplify the eSocial tax, social security and labor obligations Digital Bookkeeping System, a new implementation schedule for e-Social has been introduced.   What has changed for

Brazilian Ministry of Justice Investigates Google for Using Adolescents’ Data

“The data collected involves the location of the users, the type of device used and the phone number with the intent “to authorize targeted advertising,” according to Brazil’s Consumer Protection Department.”

Brazil and Argentina Sign Mercosur Automotive Agreement

“The agreement, within the Mercosur framework, has a view to fully expand the sector by 2029.”

Financial Market Fears “Bolsonaro Risk” Will Frighten Foreign Investors

“The government’s demonstrated inability to deal with the environmental crisis has paralyzed the actions of large foreign investors, particularly those who embrace the concepts of good environmental, social and governance practices.”

Brazil: Confaz published 3 new ICMS Agreements

On September 2, 2019, Brazil`s National Council of Finance Policy (Confaz) published 3 new ICMS agreements:   ICMS AGREEMENT No. 139 Authorizes the State of Piauí to institute an amnesty program for ICM and ICMS-related

Signs of budding of financial stability in Argentina: Peso stronger and country risk falls

“Argentina’s peso surged on Tuesday, pumped up by Wall Street traders cheering President Mauricio Macri’s capital controls that are aimed at protecting the beleaguered currency. The peso closed 5.39% higher at 55.98 per U.S. dollar,

Chile’s central bank slashes benchmark interest rate to 2% to prop economy

“Chile’s central bank slashed the benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points to 2% on Tuesday, the lowest in 9 years, citing a sputtering economy hurt by global trade tensions. The decision, which the bank

Alberto Fernandez pledges to honor debts as long as it doesn’t harm Argentines

“There’s no point in having oil if in order to extract it you have to let multinationals come and take it away,” he said. “I don’t have a problem with multinationals but my primary concern