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Mexican central bank unveils $31 billion stimulus, cuts interest rates

“Banxico, as the Bank of Mexico is known, said it implemented the measures to “foster an orderly behaviour of financial markets, strengthen the credit channels and provide liquidity for the sound development of the financial

Bolsonaro holds a “patriots” meeting and challenges lockdown measures

“Protesters in Brasilia chanted slogans against the country’s Supreme Court, which has upheld state-organized lockdowns, and against Congress, whose opposition lawmakers have also defended quarantines.”

Brazil: System-S Rate Reductions

Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, the Brazilian government has adopted economic measures to help companies and maintain jobs. One of these measures is te reduction of the “System S” rates.   What is “System S”?

Bolsonaro defends sacking health minister and insists in opening up the economy

“Luiz Henrique Mandetta, the dismissed health minister, had been advocating social distancing in line with World Health Organization recommendations, with the virus outbreak claiming more than 1,900 lives so far in Brazil. But the far-right

Overwhelmed by the pandemic, Ecuador on the cliff of a US$ 17bn default

“For president Moreno boosting funds to fight the virus could conflict with efforts to pay creditors and implement austerity measures to balance a gaping fiscal deficit.”

Chile: controversy over alleged donation of Chinese ventilators to combat COVID-19

“Chile is expecting China to donate ventilators to help cope with the coronavirus outbreak, a government official said on Sunday, contradicting earlier statements by China’s ambassador to Chile that he was unaware of such a

Brazilian central bank estimates economy will begin to recover in the fourth quarter

“Campos Neto said the federal government will be expected to compensate states more than 100 billion reais (US$19.09bn) in tax revenue lost to lockdown policies.”

Colombia corruption thrives during coronavirus outbreak

“Colombian authorities have detected widespread overcharging for food and medical supplies meant to help the Andean country deal with its coronavirus outbreak, Colombia’s comptroller said on Tuesday.”

Guide criticized for recommending young Covid-19 patients be saved first

“The 13-page document was signed onto by 13 academics and physicians, including several UNAM staff members, but UNAM leadership was not consulted. “Neither UNAM nor its rector, Dr. Enrique Graue Wiechers, were summoned to any

Brazilian agri-business exploring and confirming new markets

“Brazilian agriculture continues to penetrate the international market further. The month of March was marked by the opening of new markets for Brazilian products and the expansion of sales in other locations. Egypt, for example,