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Coronavirus has been controlled, AMLO says, announces 10-point plan

“The measures put in place to contain the spread of Covid-19 – such as the suspension of all nonessential activities – have ensured that hospitals have not been overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, he said.”

Brazil industrial confidence crashed to its lowest level in April

“Brazil’s economy is expected to enter a deep recession this year, contracting by more than 5%, according to IMF and World Bank estimates.”

Colombia’s oil company Ecopetrol raises funds in bonds market and plans to cut production

“The bonds with a 7% yield were oversubscribed by two-and-a-half times, with some 250 investors bidding a total of US$ 5 billion in the issuing round, Ecopetrol said.”

Brazil: Is your SAP System fit to request Negative Balance Tax Credits?

One of the most common forms of tax credits at the federal level is the negative balance. It can be said that a negative balance is an overpayment, but without any error on the part

Mexico: ‘A great disappointment:’ Analysts, economists unimpressed by economic plan

“The measures outlined by President López Obrador on Wednesday to confront the coronavirus-induced economic crisis have been given a cool reception by economists and other financial experts.”

Argentina doesn’t make payment, starting default countdown

“Argentina said it didn’t make $500 million in debt payments due Wednesday, starting a 30-day countdown to a possible default unless the government and bondholders can reach a deal on restructuring its massive foreign debt.”

Brazilian stocks plunge 9.6% and the Real sets a new record low

“Brazil’s markets were rattled after the country’s popular Justice Minister Sergio Moro announced his resignation on Friday, accusing President Jair Bolsonaro of political interference in law enforcement.”

Brazil in turmoil following the resignation of Moro complaining of “political interference” from Bolsonaro

“Sergio Moro, Brazil’s justice and security minister resigned on Friday after clashing with President Jair Bolsonaro over the sacking of the federal police chief. Moro, a former anti-corruption judge, hit out at “political interference” in

Video: Coronavirus in Latin America: How bad could it get?

“Here’s the latest from BBC reporters from Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and Nicaragua.”

Latam Brazil CEO: “We expect demand to return to pre-crisis levels in two to three years”

“When demand started falling off a cliff, executives were optimistic about the comeback. However, as traveler confidence became more and more damaged, the recovery to pre-crisis levels seems farther each day. This worrying was resonated