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Fernández’s Stance Regarding Maduro Impacts Brazil/Argentina Relationship

“Argentinian President Alberto Fernández has chosen to distance himself from the policy of isolation from Venezuela’s autocratic leader Nicolás Maduro that characterized his predecessor, Mauricio Macri.”

Bolsonaro Cancels Trip to Davos Economic Forum

“According to the President, the issue between the United States and Iran is unrelated to the cancellation.”

Official Inflation in Brazil for the Year 2019 Closed at 4.31 Percent

“Rate is higher than the 3.75 percent observed in 2018 and also above the center of the inflation target, set by the Central Bank for 2019 at 4.25 percent.”

Mercosur summit in Paraguay will address a review of the external tariff

“The revision of the external tariff of the regional bloc, the updating of all institutional organizations, and the validity of norms appear in Paraguay’s agenda for the biannual presidency of the group.”

Brazil: New INSS tax rates for 2020

With the approval of the reform of social security system (constitutional amendment 103, 2019), new INSS tax rates for wages were set in Article 28. The new rates will apply from March 2020. The INSS

Argentina: Immediate Tax Measures in Force

Since December 23, law 27,541 is in effect in Argentina, which introduces numerous immediate tax measures to support the recovery from the economic crisis. The law contains changes related to: Income tax and withholding tax

Challenging second year ahead for Brazilian president Bolsonaro

“Bolsonaro’s most ambitious legislative win, an overhaul to Brazil’s pension system that prior governments failed to achieve, came on a watered down version.”

Brazil’s 2019 trade surplus shrinks 20%, lowest since recession year 2015

“The surplus in 2020 could be even smaller, Lucas Ferraz, trade secretary at the Economy Ministry, said, as strengthening domestic demand lifts overall economic growth to around 2.3% and spurs imports more than exports.”

Argentina issues Treasury Bills, subscribed by the Central bank, to pay creditors

“A recently passed law to help revive Argentina’s economy, Latin America’s third largest, allows the government to issue up to US$ 4.571 billion in similar dollar denominated bills.”

IBOVESPA Index Jumps 2.5 Percent, Hits Historical High, Above 118,000

“News of trade deal between the US and China bosted the first trading session of the year.”