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Mother of all scandals: “King” Bolsonaro and cabinet caught with their pants down

“Littered with obscenities, insults, tirades and potentially incriminating statements, the video triggered outcry in Brazil, where many questioned the government’s policy-making amid a pandemic that has killed more than 22,000 people in the country.”

Street demonstrations in Ecuador to protests drastic economic measures

“Moreno last week announced public spending cuts including the closure of state companies and embassies around the world, but trade unions on Monday said workers were paying a disproportionate price compared to Ecuador’s elite.”

Brazil: RFB updates International Remittance Manual on the Internet

International Remittances have always been of great public interest for individuals and companies with international ties. At the same time, Brazil`s RFB Ombudsman has been receiving so many complaints regarding the national framework that multiple

Colombia: Over 350 Corrupt Military Personnel Exposed in Undercover Operation

“Per a whistleblower, the military is a “mafia structure” that makes deals with drug gangs and paramilitaries, as well as conducting espionage against journalists and activists.”

Mexico: AMLO prepares to launch new index, an indicator of happiness, well-being

“I’m working now on an index to measure well-being, an alternative index to the so-called gross domestic product. I’m going to present a new parameter that will measure growth but also well-being and degrees of

Overwhelmed by Covid-19, Peru extends nationwide lockdown until end of June

“Peru, which began the lockdown in mid-March, will have lived under it for more than 3-1/2 months by a Jun 30 expiration, outlasting restrictions in Italy, Spain and China, some of the hardest hit countries

Argentina in “technical default” while negotiations with sovereign bondholders continue

“Argentina “technically” defaulted on Friday for the second time this century after failing to pay US$505 million of interest on its bond debt, but it continues to negotiate a restructuring with creditors. “We’re not paying

Argentina establishes a minimum oil price of US$ 45/barrel for domestic sales

“Oil companies in Argentina are obligated to maintain production, payrolls, and investment and cannot repatriate profits under a decree that establishes above-market prices for domestic crude. The decree published on Tuesday sets a minimum price

Argentine government negotiating creditors’ counteroffers ahead of Friday deadline

“The government has set a Friday deadline for a deal, when it faces US$ 500 million in interest payments that if missed could trigger a default.”

Latin American stocks and currencies rise on hopes of global economic recovery

“Oil firms Petrobras and Ecopetrol climbed between 3.1% and 7.2% as crude prices rose, while iron ore miner Vale rallied 6.3% for its best day in 10 months.”