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Argentina Central Bank hikes interest rate to 60 percent

Today, the Argentinian Central Bank increased the interest rate to 60% in order to put a halt to the continuously decreasing value of the peso.

Brazil: new social security contributions on meal benefits

There is no such thing as a free lunch In Brazil there is a meal benefits system in place, the Programa de Alimentação do trabalhador (PAT),  which up until recently enabled companies to contract catering

Chile: New Tax reform announced

On August 21st Chilean president Sebastián Piñera announced a new tax reform aimed at simplifying and modernizing the Chilean tax system in order to boost the economy. The following details of the reform have been

Trump Reaches Revised Trade Deal With Mexico, Threatening to Leave Out Canada

The currently negotiated NAFTA replacement agreement is likely to be finalized until the end of the week – but without Canada.


Risks and Opportunities of SAP  S/4HANA in Latin America Until 2025 companies using SAP ECC have to migrate to S4/HANA which entails a comprehensive process with particular hurdles for the region of Latin America. At

Chile: VAT & Transfer Pricing News

VAT Since August 1st 2018, buyers have to withhold, declare and remit the VAT to the SII if the seller is not VAT-registered with the SII. The list of entities that are VAT-registered can be

Colombia anti-corruption referendum comes up shy on votes

Colombia`s planned changes regarding the fight against corruption will not be implemented just yet due to the negative referendum although the society`s majority supports the plan.

Brazil election: What to expect from October’s presidential poll

On October 7th, a new president will be elected in Brazil. What is to be expected of which candidate will be analyzed in this article.

Lula: Jailed ex-leader registered for presidency bid in Brazil

Brazil`s former president Lula who has been jailed for 12 years due to corruption charges has now registered for the upcoming presendential elections in October. This article explains why despite his registration he most likely

Argentina`s Fernandez denies charges in corruption case

Argentina`s former president Christina Fernandez is facing corruption charges in court but reject the Judge for being politically biased against her.