Industries and markets

Mexico’s economy contracted a record 17,3% in April from March and 19,9% year on year

“A breakdown of the data showed that primary activities such as farming, fishing and mining shrank 6.4% from March.”

Massive support in Brazil for democracy, and only 10% for a military dictatorship

“Some 75% of Brazilians support the country’s current democracy, a poll by Datafolha released on Sunday showed, while just 10% of citizens support a dictatorship, the highest and lowest levels of support for the two

COVID-19 could crush Argentina’s shale boom

“A nationwide lockdown and the collapse of global crude oil prices not only forced drilling to cease, but also forced refiners to cut back on processing and existing upstream production to shut in. In April,

OECD report: 6 taxation insights on Latin America and the Caribbean

The OECD recently published  a report on tax revenues for 26 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean thus outlining the differences between OECD and Latin American countries.   What are the conclusions? The OECD

Brazil: Camex zeroes import tax for list of capital and computer goods

On June 24th, Resolution No. 55 was published which reduces the Import Tax rate on capital goods and information technology to zero. About 311 products were included as “Ex-tariff”. The Resolution also revokes 11 Ex-tariff

Argentina’s economy contracted 5,4% and unemployment reaches 10,4% in first quarter

“Argentina already mired in recession for two years, and with a stagnant economy since 2012, faces an even deeper economic contraction ahead, with economists forecasting a full-year drop of over 10% after authorities imposed a

Colombia’s economic reactivation: ‘Black Friday’ in midst of pandemic

“A plan of Colombia’s President Ivan Duque to reactivate the economy turned into an epidemiological nightmare as crowds gathered at large retailers in the midst of a pandemic on Friday, the first of three days

Mexican president’s plan to meet with Trump draws criticism

“López Obrador said he wants to make his first trip abroad in the first week of July to mark the start of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada free trade accord, which was negotiated with the Trump administration.”

Peru giving up on virus measures in face of sinking economy

“Peru — which has reported the world’s sixth-highest number of cases in a population of just 32 million — has decided to ignore scientific warnings and opened many of the country’s largest shopping malls this

Brazil launches selective debt relief program for company and citizen

Because of its experience with economic crises, Brazil has introduced debt relief programs in the past. A pre-Covid-19 installed relief programs is called “Refis in Crisis” (Refis = Recuperacao Fiscal, financial recuperation ). Now, in