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Brazil: General Data Protection Law is in effect now!

The beast that has been haunting businesses in Europe for quite some time has now arrived in Brazil. The General data Protection Law (LGPD, Law 13.709 / 2018) came into effect on September 18th, 2020.

Mexico: Deadline for VAT refund to be shortened

On September 22, 2020, the Mexican government will submit an initiative to Congress to reform tax law that would shorten the deadline for reimbursing value added tax (VAT).   Goal of the tax reform The

Brazil May Retaliate Against Countries Boycotting Brazilian Products

“On Monday, the Minister of Institutional Security (GSI) had already accused other countries’ governments and foreign dignitaries of lying about the devastation of the Amazon with the intention of overthrowing Jair Bolsonaro.”

EU/Mercosur trade deal ratification delay: Brazil accuses France of “protectionist interests”

“France said it was opposed to the deal, after a government-commissioned report blasted the accord as a “missed opportunity” to hold South American countries accountable for protecting the environment.”

Brazil on course to post a record budget primary deficit of US$ 147 billion

“Brazil’s government is on course to post a primary budget deficit of 861 billion reais (US$ 157 billion) this year, the Economy Ministry said in its bimonthly revenue and expenditure report on Tuesday, factoring in

Argentine bonds again sliding because of business environment deterioration

“The new bonds, issued at the start of the month after a largely successful US$ 65 billion restructuring, have all dropped, ranging between 35-45 cents on the dollar.”

In Tight Vote, Peru’s Congress Approves Impeachment Proceedings Against President

“President Martín Vizcarra is accused of obstructing a bribery investigation involving government officials: he would have benefited a friend with nine contracts totaling some US$50,000.”

Pemex could become ‘incurable cancer,’ warns Bank of México deputy governor

“The state owned firm is the world’s most indebted oil company, owing in excess of US $100 billion.”

Peruvian opposition want to sack the economy minister in the midst of the country’s worst plunge

“If Congress agre, María Antonieta Alva, a 35-year-old, Harvard-trained public official, who has been a key figure in the administration, would be forced to resign.”

New IMF Loans Require Austerity Programs in Ecuador

“An additional US$6.5 billion loan from the IMF. In return, the Moreno government is stepping up its austerity measures considerably.”