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Brazil: Tinder for Jobs

Currently, the Brazilian government is working on measures to liberalize its economy. The article outlines what companies have to prepare for. Because of the  forecasts of a sinking GDP the Brazilian Ministry of Economy created

New Legislation in Chile to Fight Corruption

On November 20th, 2018, the new Law 21,121 has been published in Chile introducing changes to the criminal law with view to corruption. The law increases the sanctions for some existing crimes and introduces new

Brazil: GM stays in São Caetano do Sul thanks to tax cuts

The municipality of São Caetano founded ProAuto in order to free car manufacturer GM from the IPTU tax, reduce the ISS tax to 2% and lower the costs for waste water.   Tax Gifts for

Brazil: Government of São Paulo creates new incentives for car manufacturers

In order to receive a discount of up to 25% a can manufacturer has to invest at least 1 Billion R $ an create 400 new jobs.   Details of the Tax Incentives Program Because

Chile: MFN Principle in International Contracts

According to the most favored nation (MFN) principle a state has to grant the same foreign trade privilege to other states which it grated to a third state. The principle is the base of GATT

New e-Invoicing Models in LATAM in 2019

Multiple Latin American countries such as Guatemala, Panama or Paraguay develop their own e-Invoicing models. They follow their regional neighbors with more sophisticated e-Invoicing systems such as Mexico, Brazil or Chile.   The most important

LATAM: Economic Recovery 2019

At the end of the super election year it is worthwhile to look at the economic prognoses of the region and the individual countries. Where can economic growth be expected? Which political and economic decisions

The Brazilian Reporting Trap

Because of the encompassing reporting duties the Brazilian finance and tax authorities know almost everything about companies residing in Brazil. Moreover, they have five years’ time  to check submitted data and initiate an audit. Such

Brazil: new social security contributions on meal benefits

There is no such thing as a free lunch In Brazil there is a meal benefits system in place, the Programa de Alimentação do trabalhador (PAT),  which up until recently enabled companies to contract catering

AMLO presidency in Mexico

Potential economic and political consequences of Andrés Manuel López Obrador`s presidency are being explained in this video.

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