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Brazil: General Data Protection Law is in effect now!

The beast that has been haunting businesses in Europe for quite some time has now arrived in Brazil. The General data Protection Law (LGPD, Law 13.709 / 2018) came into effect on September 18th, 2020.

Peru: The most stable investment destination in Latin America

According to a report published by JP Morgan Chase in January, Peru 2020 is the most stable and risk-free Latin American country in terms of investment. Peru scores particularly high in the report with view

Brazil: Accounting Standards and Tax Procedures for Operations with Government Grants

Does your company receive government grants in Brazil? In this case, special accounting standards apply to you, which must be mapped technologically by your SAP system!   What regulations are in place? Accounting Standards and

Brazil: The ongoing Challenges of the Tax Reform

In Brazil, the upcoming tax reform has been one of the key issues surrounding Bolsonaro`s election. But now, a year and half later, what has become of the challenge to simplify one of the world`s

Ecuador: SRI implements new Tax Rules and Procedures

In Mid-February 2019, the Ecuadorian tax authority SRI issued new rules and procedures for the effective implementation of the common standard of information communication and due diligence for taxpayers though Resolution No. NAC-DGERCGC19-00000003. The Resolution

Argentina: Implementation of the ‘Multinota Digital’

The Multinota Digital is an instrument for the electronic presentation of legal statements in the area of ​​the Argentine tax authority AFIP-DGI. The instrument is based on General Resolution (AFIP) no. 4503/2019 (BO 06/12/2019), which

Mexico: Interim Results of the AMLO Presidency

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, AMLO for short, has ruled Mexico for six months. He was able to convince 30 million voters with his election promises. But which of those promises has he fulfilled so far?

Argentina: Tax Incentive Program for IT and R&D

On January 1, 2020, a new tax incentive program for software, science-based services, and research and development will come into force in Argentina, which will run until December 31, 2029. Domestic companies and professionals active

Labor Reform in Chile

On May 2, 2019, the Chilean government announced the second draft labor reform to modernize its labor system and address certain tax and regulatory issues. The new project focuses on the following topics:   Working

Tax Reform in Chile

Chile is in the midst of modernizing its tax system. Based on the respective law, the Proyecto de Modernización Tributaria of August 2018, the amendments concern the following regulations: Corporation tax Capital Gains Tax Regulations